P.O. Box 174
Manistique, MI. 49854

Request for Bids
Replace Blacktop at Thompson Township Hall & Fire Department

For furnishing the necessary labor, material and equipment to complete the following:

  1. Remove the existing pavement on approximately 936 syds
  2. Remove existing culverts
  3. Fine grade the same area
  4. Add new gravel needed up to 100 tons
  5. Place a 3” HMA surface in 2 courses
  6. Contractor shall place a bond coat of emulsified asphalt between layers ofpavement. Bond coat is to be applied at a rate between 0.05 and 0.15gallons per square yard.
  7. Contractor is not to perform paving operations if the grade is saturated, hasfrost on it, or if the air temperature is less than 35 degrees.
  8. Stripe the lot to original markings
  9. Dispose all old materials off site

Contact Theresa Lund with any question at, Phone: 906-341-5761

Interested Contractors Mail Bid to:
Thompson Township (Bid Parking Lot) P.O. Box 174, Manistique, MI 49854
Bids must be received no later than 3:00 PM, February 10, 2023
Open Bids on Tuesday, February 15, 2023, @ monthly meeting @ 4:30 PM
Project needs to be completed by October 31, 2023

Thompson Township has the right to accept, reject any or all bids
Theresa Lund – Supervisor

Thompson Township is located in the western quarter of Schoolcraft County in Michigan. The 157 square mile (98,125 acres) township is comprised of private, state and federal land with approximately 20 miles of shoreline along the northern edge of Lake Michigan in the central Upper Peninsula. The current taxable value is $35,434,535, current millage rate is .9244 and there are approximately 1786 parcels of land. The present permanent resident population is 671, up 44.6 percent from the 1990 census figure of 464. There is a sizeable seasonal population increase during the summer and fall months. Thompson Township has had a large building growth in the past two years.

Two-thirds of the township property is classified as non-homestead as much of the property is comprised of forest land. Commercial, state, and federal forest land account for 57,504 acres or 58.9 percent of the total area. There is an additional 11,474 acres of commercial forest land. Along with the Lake Michigan shoreline, the township borders Indian Lake, which is the fourth largest in the state. Thompson Township has a small commercial area along the US-2 corridor, which includes two motels, a convenience/gas station store, a real estate office, church, and a variety store/lumber yard. There are two state campgrounds, a state owned and operated fish hatchery, a golf course, and Michigan’s largest spring, Kitch-iti-ki-pi. See our business directory for a complete list of the many businesses that are offered throughout the township. Each season has something unique to offer. Whether you like to camp or canoe in the summer, snowmobile or ice fish in the winter, or enjoy a fall color tour during the autumn, Thompson Township has it all. Thompson Township Board Vision Statement: We are a community that treasures its past and lives for its future. While we look towards preserving and protecting the beauty of our natural resources, we shall continue to work towards maintaining and improving our lifestyles and values. Our efforts shall always serve the best interests of the community at large and we look forward to the challenges of the 21st century.