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Thompson Volunteer Fire Department was formed in 1980 with 19 volunteers and a 1963 Tanker. Past Fire Chiefs include Larry Zentner, Richard Forstner, James Foster, John Stapleton, Corey Frankovich, Marc Cheuvront, Jon Burk, and Matt Silkworth. We currently have 15 volunteers. We have a 3,000 gallon capacity tanker and a 1,250 gallon capacity pumper along with 2 brush trucks as the main vehicles. Gear for firefighters over the years has been purchased using FEMA funds from the Federal Government. We have also received several smaller grants from the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians, Schoolcraft Community Foundation, the Department of Natural Resources, and generous donations from area residents (thank you!). If you would like more information on becoming a volunteer firefighter, please contact the Fire Chief or our Township Supervisor.

Volunteer Fire Chief

B.J. Ash, Chaplain
P.O. Box 174
Manistique, MI

Volunteer Officers

Matt Silkworth – Assistant Fire Chief
Manistique, MI

Jordan Hubble – Captain
Hiawatha Township, MI

Zach Santi – Lieutenant
Thompson Township, MI

Keith Farley – Safety Officer
Garden, MI

Volunteer Firefighters

Kelly Ash
Thompson Township, MI

Kathy Jo Frenette
Manistique, MI

Andrew Shepley
Manistique, MI

Tom Agawa
Thompson Township, MI

David Johnson
Manistique, MI

Logan Nadeau
Thompson Township, MI

Ella Santi
Thompson Township, MI

Auxiliary Members

Sarah Unger
Manistique, MI

Mason Santi
Thompson Township, MI

Kris Ozanich
“Whereabouts Unknown”